Wednesday Geeky Pics: Amazon Kindle in the Wild

With the announcement that Barnes and Noble is attempting to grab some of Amazon’s e-reader market share with their “Nook,” a competitor to the Kindle, I thought I’d dig up some bookworms with Kindles in their natural environments. I don’t have one myself, but there is something rather appealing about having something so thin to carry around and pull out on the subway. I’ve been lugging around a hardback copy of The Year of the Flood for a week.

Here we have someone reading a Kindle in a Barnes and Noble. With the addition of the B&N Starbucks, feels like there’s branding from all sides… I guess they’re hoping it’ll be replaced with a shiny new Nook soon. – rkleine (CC)


A somewhat terrifying notion. Imagine your e-reader sneaking around, gobbling up your books at night. Of course, there were some lawyers who were bringing up just this sort of scenario. – scurzuzu (CC)


Good advice for anyone traveling the galaxy! I wonder if every Kindle will come with its own towel? – adafruit (CC)


Because sometimes you just have to stop and read right then. Even if you’re only halfway up (or down) a flight of stairs. – gubatron (CC)


You know, it’s kind of amazing how many completely random picture themes we have that somehow manage to include a stormtrooper. Case in point. – bfishadow (CC)


… also, a lot of cats. However, I think this attests less to the geek factor inherent in cats and more that people just really like taking pictures of them. – notratched (CC)


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