iPhone brings you Photoshop in your pocket

We’ve all been there. You take a photo of somebody on your cellphone during an evening of merriment and when you see the image, your expression slips for a moment. That’s all it takes for the subject of the photo to demand to see it and, once they realise that their natural beauty has been replaced with bloodshot eyes and a reddened nose, you’ve got misery to deal with.

But no more. Because Adobe has somehow figured out how to get Photoshop onto the iPhone.

As you’d probably gathered, it’s not the full image editing suite, but rather an ultra-slimmed down version available without charge through the iPhone app store.  The app – full name Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone – includes standard manipulation options such as cropping and rotating, along with color changes and a few special effects such as soft focus, warm vintage, vignette and sketch.

The app also lets users create an account at Photoshop.com and store up to a 1000 images on the site which can then be accessed on their iPhone without being stored on the handset.

Control of the app is entirely through finger gestures on the touchscreen: for example, swiping a finger left or right on the screen will increase or decrease the severity of an effect. Those who’ve previewed it say it’s notably intuitive and accurate.

Of course, several other image editing apps are available, but none have the brand awareness of Photoshop, one of the few computer apps whose name has become a verb. (Incidentally, how come we Google for information and eBay our unwanted Christmas gifts, but nobody ever says they are going to “Amazon a book”?)


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