Creepy: Lil’ Vampire Baby Pacifier

For the new parents among you who wish to creep everyone out at the upcoming halloween, let us present you: the Lil’ Vampire Baby Pacifier!

Now, with the Lil’ Vampire Baby Pacifier, your little one will be the talk of the town as the first vampire newborn most trick or treater will have ever seen!

Product Specifications:

  • Lil’ Vampire pacifier is brand new never opened in manufacturers’ packaging.
  • Billy Bob pacifiers are tested an are free of hazardous materials such as lead and phylates.
  • Pacifier has silicone orthodontic nipple.
  • Billy Bob pacifiers are recommended for ages 3 months and up.
  • Manufactured in compliance with EEC Directive 90/128/EEC and 16 CFR 1511 for pacifiers.

[Product Page | Via Walyou]

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