The Geek Wish List: Day Four

  • Luxury bus

The background of this bus is something of a mystery, but be assured, it is genuine and has featured on British TV show Top Gear.

This is not a possession of which our more environmentally aware readers will necessarily approve. And frankly much of its appeal comes from a combination of luxury and size. But when it comes to screens and buttons, this supreme motorhome has plenty to offer, starting with a dashboard more akin to a cockpit:

There are TV screens everywhere, including two in the lounge:

And best of all, there’s space for frankly the most opulent piece of luggage ever seen on a six-wheeled vehicle:

  • LED faucet lights

If the bus is a little out of your price range, you may have to settle for one piece of technology which features in its bathroom.

It’s a remarkably simple idea. The light clips on to your faucet and illuminates the stream of water with a blue light once you turn the water on. As and when the water gets to 86 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, the light switches to red.

The manufacturers offer some gubbins about it being a safety feature to avoid young children scalding their hands, but let’s be honest: the point is that it looks awesome.

For more details: