The Geek Wish List: Day Two

  • WiFi detector shirt

With a list price of $29.99, this could spell an end to walking round city centers surreptitiously opening up your laptop and checking for WiFi signals before you commit to placing your latte order.

The shirt glows to show both the presence of a WiFi signal and its strength. It’s powered by three AAA batteries in a built-in pocket. And if you don’t want to perpetuate geek stereotypes, you’ll be pleased to know the detector and display are removable to allow easy washing of the shirt.

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  • Millennium Falcon Mac Mini

The crew at MacMod do exactly what the name says: modify Apple products for improved performance, overcoming proprietary restrictions, or simply amusing themselves. This falls strictly into the latter category.

It turns out the innards of a Mac Mini and a Millennium Falcon toy fit together remarkably well – and let’s face it, it’s a marriage made in cool white plastic heaven. The only major piece of drilling needed was a hold for a USB slot which helped the ship serve as an iPod shuffle dock:

Another modification using a rubber washer “found in a junk drawer in the garage” was enough to install a webcam in the main flight deck:

And after around four hours tinkering, the crew wound up with a fully functioning media center Mac:

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