Wednesday Geeky Pics: Comic Con 2009 Cosplay

Now that San Diego Comic Con 2009 is over, there are of course a billion pictures on the web, most involving people in insane (and by insane, I mean “holy cow, you made that?!”) costumes. I spent some time trudging through the crowd on Flickr so you don’t have to, and here are some of the coolest – from the sexy to the scary to the WTF.

The best part about this picture is that this is probably only a drop in the bucket; there’s 100 in every crowd. Oh, and that expression on the guy’s face? “Suck it, Jabba.” – koadmunkee (CC)


Don’t get too attached to these ladies. They only want you for your brains. – koadmunkee(CC)


Obligatory stormtrooper pic. Only I think this one had a run-in with the ladies in the picture above. – nathaninsandiego (CC)


You know, this kind of warms my heart, actually. I mean, he really would have been a good dad if he’d just been given the chance. I’ll bet he even bedazzled that dress himself. – chich20x6 (CC)


EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE. Like the actual Daleks, it’s kind of hard to be truly frightening when you’re brandishing a toilet plunger. Of course, I’m pretty sure that sonic screwdriver isn’t going to do much either.- splashing (CC)


She wants to beeeeeee part of your wooooooorld. Though she’s going to mess up her wig combing it with that dinglehopper. – mattmendoza (CC)


Why does Doc Brown look so freaked out? Probably because he’s thanking Marty for watching him get shot TWICE. – howiemuzika(CC)


Batwoman & Robin! Though if you’ll allow me a moment of DC geekiness, the blonde looks very much like how I would picture Stephanie Brown. – tofuguns (CC)


I have no idea what I am looking at here, but I’m strangely intrigued. – orayzio (CC)


That’s not a Comic Con badge around her neck; it’s a Multi-Pass! – minow (CC)


Again, just a drop in the bucket. Though kudos to the Kirk impersonator for looking appropriately crazed. – statelyenglishmanor (CC)


I can only assume that this is a meeting of an impulse control support group. – teohyc (parkablogs) (CC)

Cosplayers at San Diego Comic Con 2009

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