3D short of the day: Galactic Mail

Galatic Mail: A 3D short produced by French Animator Douglas Lassance in collaboration with Jonathan Vuillemin.

Galactic Mail is a short film I made in collaboration with my fellow friend Jonathan Vuillemin aka Motraboy. It was produced by The Mill which basically gave us some time to create it. We spent around four months working on it together from storyboards to compositing. Because of the time we had to complete the piece, we went for a different approach than Sigg Jones. On one hand, we had to make things simple and turn it at our advantage. On the other hand, I was keen to experiment a lot of things I had thought about using the 3D media. To me Sigg Jones was a proper global illumination shaded film, something we wanted to do at the time. I like to call it the “classic” way of making full 3D animation, involving proper lighting, shading with texture channels for bump, reflection, etc… With Galactic Mail, It wasn’t about generating impressive 3D renders, but more about the pictures themself, composition, colors and overall coherence of the style. I had this idea of making a movie with self-illuminated textures where all the shadows would be painted in already, and then combined with a “sliced” shadow system where you could really isolate how stuff are going to look when it’s in the shadow or not, nothing physically correct, but pretty controllable.

[Via Vimeo | Asterokid]

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