OMG! I FELL IN #2 :-(

If you’ve never bumped into someone or something while attempting to text and walk at the same time, you’re either smart, lucky, or lying. But according to reports, one teenager from New York took such an unfortunate situation to new heights… or depths.

15-year-old Alexa Longueira of Staten Island was walking along a local street and typing a message. Presumably engrossed by the screen, the next thing she knew was that she’d dropped five feet through a manhole.

The amusing element of the story is that the manhole was open to allow workers to flush a high-pressure sewer, meaning Longueira fell straight into what a local CBS affiliate described as “smelly darkness.” (It also noted “Alexa lost one of her sneakers in the sewer. She does not want it back.”)

The less amusing side is that the girl suffered deep cuts and bruises to her back and shoulders from scraping the side of the manhole.

It’s worth noting that conflicting reports have Longueira admitting that she was sending a text at the time, while her mother denies this was the case. That might have something to do with the mother confirming she is considering taking legal action.

Given that the manhole was allegedly unmarked with no warning tape or cones (apparently left unattended while staff went to get just such equipment), there is something of a genuine complaint there. That said, a good lawyer would probably have advised it was a good idea to keep quiet about the whole texting thing.

Of course, while texting while walking can be dangerous, the potential consequences are even more serious while driving. Amazingly just six US states (plus DC) currently ban drivers from using handheld phones while in control of a car, though doing so elsewhere would certainly put a driver at risk of breaking general safety laws.

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  1. Why so serious, Channel 2 News?

    If she was looking at her phone and not where she was going, then she deserved what she got. If she was even five feet in front of the manhole, she should have been able to notice it beforehand and avoid falling in. I don't know, I can't be the only one who looks up every few seconds if I happen to be doing something else while I'm walking (I have been known to successfully read a book and walk without any problems.)

  2. No-one is to blame but her.

    Even if there isn't anything but a hole in the road – no signs, no fence, nothing – the average, non-braindead among us would walk around it.

    This is the suing era gone mad. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming other people when they make themselves look like an idiot.

    I can't believe this is even happening. If this goes to the court, the judge should throw it out straight away.

    SHE walked her body into a hole. Simple. That's all. Yes, she's bruised, she might have a few internal injuries. But it's her OWN fault.

    No-one pushed her. She didn't slip on anything. She just didn't look where she was going. She's an idiot.

    Why is it always the trailer trash that's in these stories and not the reasonably clever? Because the clever among us either look where we are going or stop crying like a baby soon after we make a mistake.

  3. They should have closed her into the manhole to make sure that she couldn't get out and give birth to more stupid people.

  4. A couple of years ago a high school girl while talking on her mobile and riding her bike to school in my town got run over by a car. She passed a red light although she supposedly had her eyes on the road.

    In the Netherlands you can be fined between €150,- and €2000,- or two months jail if caught driving with a phone in your hand. And rightfully so.

    It's annoying if someone in front of you is driving like an elderly driver just because they MUST use the phone whilst driving.

    If you're driving, you're driving, period. Recently someone crashed into me from behind because she was searching something in her bag, whilst driving.

    My car didn't have a scratch, hers was curled around my towbar. Heh.

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