Firefox 3.5 is Out!

It’s official folks, Firefox 3.5 final has just been released today! Not only does the new version have a smaller memory footprint and better memory management, but it’s also twice as fast as the previous one. So what are you waiting for? Each second you spend reading this is a second of future productivity lost!

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6 Responses to Firefox 3.5 is Out!

  1. Well, I'm running it right now.

    The one issue I have is that Gmail is slow as… slow. It's better than 3.0, I'll give you that. My 3.5 portable running the latest nightly still runs around what the 3.5 upgrade does. It might be one thing if I was running different extensions, but they are just about exact!

    ClearClick from NoScript still takes ages to actually do something (so that's been turned off — I thought it was already off!). Maybe that's an issue, I dunno.

    I'm thinking about uninstalling FF, removing all of the extensions, removing the existing profile even, and seeing if that doesn't work better for me.

    @fei: as far as extensions go, do a Tools->Addons and right click on every one of that are incompatible and make them compatible. Every one I have that I've done that way works.

  2. I noticed a huge speed increase. All my plugins worked fine, except one.

    The page source window now underlines all the url's which I'm not used to, but maybe that is a good thing.

  3. i did notice speed improvement too, though i upgraded immediately and lost most of my extensions… some of which have already been updated though. Browser really needed a speed boost.

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