Use FeedMingle To Put Together An Awesome MashUp Of Feeds

Feed MingleHave you ever thought that it would be really cool if you could combine multiple RSS or Atom feeds into a single feed? I have, and I now know that it’s possible with an awesome cross-platform web application called FeedMingle, available at For years now I’ve relied on my RSS feeds for getting news on my Windows Mobile device or, on my desktop, via a browser.

RSS feeds are available from millions of sources, and now you can make an ultimate feed for yourself with this awesome little web application.

It’s a really simple program: you access it online and feed it your RSS URLs, and then it spits back a new URL for your feed. With that, you can enjoy this new combined feed just like you would any other.

Let’s check out how it works.


You can see from the image above that you have two boxes for input – your feed URLs and a title – and that’s it! There is an explanation below, in a simple graphical form for formula geeks.


So, just input your feed URLs into the box – one on each line, as many as your geeky heart desires. Then, name that feed. When you are done, hit the big pink button that says “Mingle Now.”


FeedMingle will return a screen with your RSS, Atom, and JSON links, as well as a few options and a preview. The options are: short text which truncates the titles, how many feed items you want to see, and one of two themes to apply. They give you the code to embed the feed on your blog or website (as a Widget), and finally at the bottom right you will see a preview of your feed.


I am loving the mash-up powers of FeedMingle; I have endless possibilities running through my head about how to use this! Tech feeds, entertainment feeds, and so much more!

Are you using a feed mash-up tool? If you don’t but you think it is a cool idea – how would you use it? Let us know in the comments!

This post was written by Karl Gechlik. Karl is a full time father, husband, and network administrator. If he had a dollar for every time someone asked him for technical help he would be one rich dude. Karl also runs in his spare time – stop by and tell him [GaS] sent ya!

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