Steve Jobs has a New Liver

200stevejobsWhen we saw Apple founder Steve Jobs getting skinnier and skinnier and looking a little older than he should, speculation was that he was dying. But now it looks like Jobs’ health may be on the upswing.

Although there were some reports of a potential liver transplant back in January,  Jobs managed to keep his medical decisions fairly private, at least for such a public person. According to the Wall Street Journal, which can be read in its entirety only by subscription, Jobs received a liver transplant in Tennessee two months ago. He is expected to return to work by the end of June, possibly in a part-time capacity. Jobs has been on leave since January.

There is speculation without confirmation that the pancreatic cancer Jobs battled in 2004 had spread to his liver. It’s sad that so many articles about Jobs’ health are focused on the price of Apple stock and the future of the company when a 54-year-old man is suffering and wants his privacy, both for his own peace of mind and for the welfare of his business. An organ transplant may be life-saving, but will commit you to a lifetime of anti-rejection drugs and the problems those always bring. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

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