Bing Rapidly Overtakes Yahoo Search (For Now)

By Jimmy Rogers (@me)
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

We’ve been reporting quite a bit on Bing and it’s recent ad campaign.  Why?  Well first of all, a web-based product from Microsoft that isn’t simply trying to copy everything already out there (See is somewhat notable.  Second, Bing seems to be part of the new trend: semantic search.  Now whether Bing is really semantic like Wolfram|Alpha claims to be, we don’t know, but one thing we do know is that people are at least giving it a shot.

Today the StatCounter Blog announced that according to their Global Stats information (which pools all of the traffic data from their collective metrics customers), Bing has actually overtaken Yahoo! Search as the second top search engine in the US.  [Note: The image below is a bar graph of yesterday’s stats…for last week’s graph, click the Global Stats link above]

Top Search Engine Stats

Even though Google is still about 70% of the market, Bing’s leap forward is historic.  The flagging Yahoo!, if you remember, used to be neck and neck with Google for search supremacy.  News like this seems to bring it closer and closer to its eventual death.

The question now is whether Bing will continue to rise and become a new competitor for Google’s traffic, or if its novelty will soon wear off like so many other new search engines.  Another factor in this analysis is the type of search engine that Bing is trying to be.  They claim to be focused on the “give me an answer” user as opposed to someone doing a more in depth search.  Maybe they will settle comfortably into a niche.  Only time will tell!

Have you used Bing yet?  What do you think?

7 Responses to Bing Rapidly Overtakes Yahoo Search (For Now)

  1. also, I jsut found out that I have to have javascript enabled to post a comment here.

    bad move, I won't be commenting again, sorry. nothing is worth giving up my security, especially commenting on some random website on the internets.

    • You're just a negative nelly aren't you?

      Really? Javascript is enough to turn you away? Using the primary scripting language on the internet really isn't such a "bad move" in my book…

  2. I wish I could try Bing out but I cant; its blocked in China. Maybe in the future MS will filter some results but then maybe Bing's novelty will have worn off.

  3. It toubles me that people are so quick to dismiss or even put down Bing so quickly. Can we use another intelligent search engine? I say yes! I am not going to attempt to understand why one thinks the way they do but I must give credit where credit is due and Microsoft is at least attempting to progress in this area. As a previous reader stated "We will have to see if it stands the test time".

  4. I think that once the "newness" of Bing wears off, which should be soon, it should settle back down to the normal MSN search levels. Or maybe just a tad higher, but not by much.

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