Google Chrome 2.0 Released

Even though the jump from version 1.0 to 2.0 sounds dramatic, Google Chrome 2.0 doesn’t look all that different from its predecessor at first glance. However, the browser now renders pages 25% to 35% faster and is apparently a lot more stable than before. Unfortunately, Mac and Linux users will still have to wait a while to get their own version of Chrome.

[Google Chrome 2]


4 Responses to Google Chrome 2.0 Released

  1. Yeah… I'm already on Gmail, so Google reads (automatically) my mails. Now, if I go Chrome, it will also know the websites I'm visiting.

    Not to mention all the other google features or google related services I use.

    It's just too much Big Brother for me.

  2. I'm downloading it now. Google chrome 1 is really clean and all that, but I still prefer Mozilla Firefox over Chrome. Maybe this version will make me change my mind.

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