Modded Roomba Lays Down Graffiti for its Brother to Clean Up

By Jimmy Rogers (@me)
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you are familier with iRobot, the people who make the everybody’s favorite robotic vacuum cleaner, you know they are famous for their hacker spirit.  There’s even a hackable version of the Roomba to support the community of tinkerers who have gathered around it.

Well iRobot has been doing some tinkering of their own and came up with this little beauty.  Instead of sweeping up, it sprinkles powder in nifty configurations on your carpet.

This reminds me of the Math and Science Center I went to as a child.  They had a robotic turtle with a pen in the middle that would write on a big sheet of paper anything you typed into the terminal.   Robots are awesome!

[Botropolis via Gizmodo]

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