Burger King’s Star Trek Ad Campaign is Pathetic, Yet Hilarious

In order to promote their new Star Trek glasses, Burger King has launched a new ad campaign featuring various techniques to help you defend yourself against “Kingons.” Now the Kingons (not to be confused with Klingons), are a race of evil alien mascots seeking dominion over dilithium, an element that is apparently present in BK’s new Star Trek glasses. Here’s a short video presenting the Warp Five Wedgie, one of the nine attacks Kingons use to stealthily dispossess you of your newly acquired piece of crap.

If you want to see the remaining eight, you’ll have to visit the “Kingon Defense Academy” website. If you’re in the mood for brainless, “hurts my brain just to watch” humor, it’s worth it. But a bit of advice – the massive quantities of stupid may give you a headache