Snakes on a Plane (No, Really)

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

snakesDuring a passenger flight in Australia, four pythons escaped from the cargo area during the flight. Fortunately for the passengers, though unfortunately for all of us writing punchlines, this went unnoticed until after the plane had landed. A reptile expert searched for the snakes but never found them… the plane was eventually fumigated and sent back on its way.

Which leads one to wonder: what happened to those snakes? Are they going to show up in some poor tourist’s luggage? I’m suddenly having Arachnophobia flashbacks. As if flying weren’t bad enough.

Airlines: Didn’t Samuel L. Jackson teach us anything? Put the people and the snakes on separate flights.

Other things from movies I would not like to see on real planes:

Inflatable Pilots
Serial Killers
Tom Cruise

[Image Source: Flickr]

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