Fun with Nitroglycerin and Nitrogen Triiodide

Warning: Do NOT attempt to do any of these experiments at home. Doing so could result in serious injuries or even worse. You’ve been warned!

Nitroglycerin is moderately easy to detonate, and a hammer is more than enough. Nitrogen triiodide will detonate if it is breathed on. It is an explosive with no use other than a novelty.

A few factoids –

Nitric acid, the acid shown in the beginning of the video, will cause very deep chemical burns that take weeks to heal after contact of just five seconds. It also fumes, and the vapor is very choking. The red gas in the flask is nitrogen dioxide, a very toxic gas that can produce, and be produced from, nitric acid. Sulfuric acid is also dangerous and very reactive to flesh, but is not close to the danger of nitric acid.


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  1. I will disagree about NI3 having no use beyond the novelty–read Farnham's Freehold by Robert Heinlein. Place the charge while it's still wet, don't go near it until it's dried and detonated.

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