Rocket Sled Gloriously Vaporizes Car

Hmmm, is “glorious” the proper word to characterize this experience? Hmmm, I think we may have an understatement here.

[Via NewLaunches]


5 Responses to Rocket Sled Gloriously Vaporizes Car

  1. Perhaps it is my redneck side, but the sheer gloriousness of this video cannot be summed up with mere words… It must be experienced. God I wish I was there. I bet Adams fingers tingled when he got to flip the switch. :P

  2. This video was very cool. Yet again the MythBusters take a rumored story and overdo it in a dramatically awesome way. As Adam said, cars can barely travel at 1/8th the speed that rocket sled was going. Still, seeing metal reduced to powder at the beginning of the impact was so cool.

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