Swine Flu Crisis: What can we learn from the 1918 flu pandemic?

In 2007, as everyone worried about a possible avian flu epidemic, science journalist Laurie Garrett gave this interesting presentation to a small TED university audience. Now, 2 years later, with the current swine flu crisis invading media worldwide, her insights from past pandemics are now more relevant than ever.   Advertisements


Twitter aflitter with quicker quitters

Most people who use Twitter will be gone within a month according to newly published figures. Number-crunchers say the trend means Twitter’s past growth rate will be unsustainable. The figures from web research firm Nielsen Media say that only 40% of people using the site during a month will still be using Twitter the following […]

Macbook Airs Suck

Ok, this guy is obviously taking things a little too far, but still, we get the message. I’ve always been a big fan of the X300 myself. For portability in the corporate world, there’s no better option. Oh and one thing Haurum, the X300 is a Lenovo machine, not IBM. IBM has stopped manufacturing laptops […]

Real-Life Twittering

Can you imagine this kind of thing happening for real on a large scale? If people would start doing this, I’d probably move as far away from civilization as I can, in a middle of a wood somewhere in the great Canadian north possibly. [Via TechEblog]

New Transformers 2 trailer leaked online

Yep folks, another Transformers 2 trailer has been leaked on the web. This one lets us glimpse at a few new scenes and reveals a little more of the movie’s storyline. Enjoy!

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Welcome to a place with no logic. [via Bits and Pieces]

Fear of Needles? Not to Worry, FluGen is Here!

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] It seems that there is a really neat technology out there that could make vaccination a whole lot easier. ¬†Designed to reduce the pain and fear associated with needle injections, FluGen‘s novel immunization patch¬†delivers the medication just below the skin in a convenient, one-time-use dispenser. This reminds me of […]

Swine Flu Update: Disease Source Identified!

By Jimmy Rogers Contributing Writer, [GAS] Since the danger of swine flu has not yet abated, here’s some additional links and updates. First, if you would like to follow the latest official updates from the CDC, they’re on Twitter. In fact they just started using the #swineflu hashtag, how hip is that? If you missed […]