Swine Flu Update: Disease Source Identified!

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Since the danger of swine flu has not yet abated, here’s some additional links and updates. First, if you would like to follow the latest official updates from the CDC, they’re on Twitter. In fact they just started using the #swineflu hashtag, how hip is that?

If you missed our big article from Monday, What is Swine Flu?, be sure and check it out. The comments have been very active too so don’t forget to read over those! I’ve been trying to field any questions raised by readers, so if you ask any now I’ll still try to catch them!

Also, I decided against a “doomsday scenario” type of post because there is already a ton of that in the media right now, but if you think that’s what YOU need at the moment, io9 has put together a good compilation of ways the world could end ala Hollywood.

Lastly, the cause for swine flu has been identified. We should have known all along:

[Picture source: growabrain]

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