Time to Update Your Acrobat Reader

By PatB
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

On February 20th, [GAS] warned readers that the current version of Acrobat Reader had a security flaw that bad guys were exploiting to deliver malware.  Adobe has worked hard and just released an updated version of their ubiquitous software for both PC and Mac.  So don’t walk, but run to Adobe’s site here and get the new patched version.


4 Responses to Time to Update Your Acrobat Reader

  1. Why use Acrobat at all? Foxit Reader is a free, lightweight pdf reader and editor. Since I switched I don't hate pdf links anymore – they open in seconds rather than minutes.

  2. I second what Cecil says. Acrobat Reader is extremely bloated and bloated. I used to loathe getting pdfs.

    Foxit has completely changed it. Sure it might be flawed, but it would have to be flawed much worse for me to ever go back to Acrobat.

  3. Rek,

    I don't think this article intended to be a debate about whether or not Acrobat Reader was "bloated." But I just told you that unless you patch Foxit you will get pwn3d. And if that is okay with you, have fun with that.

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