Free 2-Day Oracle DBA Course

For those of you interested in learning more about the Oracle database system, we have a free 2-day course available for you in our IT resource center.

In this course you will find detailed information on the tasks outlined in the chapters of the Oracle 2 Day DBA manual, including step-by-step instructions.

List of Lessons

  • Introduction (No additional materials complement this chapter)
  • Installing Oracle and Building the Database
  • Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Configuring the Network Environment
  • Managing the Oracle Instance
  • Managing Database Storage Structures
  • Administering Users and Security
  • Managing Schema Objects
  • Performing Backup and Recovery
  • Monitoring and Tuning the Database
  • Managing Oracle Software

Note: The OBE lessons in this series can be performed on either Windows or Linux.

This course comes directly from Oracle, so you don’t have to fear for your privacy. You can sign up for it right here.

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