Exploding Hydrogen Bubbles

In the following video, Theo Grey from Popular Science fills soap bubbles with a hydrogen-oxygen mixture. He then puts fire to the bubbles as they rise up in the air. While this may look like a very fun experiment to attempt, we do not recommend that you try this at home.


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  1. I had a teacher in high school who would do something similar, only he used the natural gas that was piped into the science rooms. He would have a bubble snake that was three or four feet tall, he would then shut off the gas, and cut the snake with a meter stick. He'd light on the bottom and it would burn from the bottom up, and when it hit the ceiling, the flame would radiate out about six feet.

  2. Nice, takes me back to the Methane Bubbles experiment in school – t'was very disconcerting holding a stack of bubbles whilst someone stood infront of you with 2 metre stick's taped together – and a lit wooden splint taped to that so that they weren't too close to the bubbles when they ignited them… certainly not boring though.

    • I don't know when you graduated high school, I graduated in 1998, so we were still able to do some cool stuff in science class. Like throw very small pieces of sodium into water, shoot spud guns off outside. I have to wonder what science class is like now with all these bubble wrapped kids and over-protective parents and fears of terrorists and school shootings and all.

      • Fortunately its not quite so bad in Scotland but yeah for the last few years of school things petered out alot due too everyones sudden decision to sue everyone else for everything . Chemistry was seemingly impervious to that though, we had our Sodium once though it was a teacher demonstration, we all did potassium. Had Methane Rockets (filling plastic bottles and firing them off the wall) and Methane Bubbles, made (roughly) 100% ethanol one time.

        Spud guns were probably a no though, once you left science is was much more quilted.

        Edit: And I left school in 2009, system works differently here so it was year before the last one but I already had the grades to get into University

      • The van der graff generator chain was particularly fun. Get a chain of people holding hands, one end puts their hand on the generator, the other end, not know what's going to happen, touches the water faucet. Big zap that the whole chain can feel, but most painful for the one that touches the faucet. Good times :-)

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