Get ready for “A-Team: the movie” coming to the big screen

By Johnny Daniels
Contributing Writer, [GAS]


I am about to start crying now that one of my favourite childhood TV programmes is about to be chopped and diced into little pieces by the Hollywood money machine. Is nothing sacred in this world anymore? Come on Mr. T, start busting some heads!

Variety is reporting that the classic 1980’s TV show The A-Team is about to be made into a Hollywood movie, directed by Joe Carnahan and produced by Ridley and Tony Scott. They’re aiming for a June 2010 release date.

You remember the A-Team don’t you? That was the programme where those 4 guys travelled around in that cool black van helping everyone, being chased by Major Decker, shooting everyone (but they never actually got shot or died), blowing everything up (but again, no-one got injured or died. They just dusted themselves down and went on their way) and no locked building ever held the A-Team!  With an elastic band, a matchbox and a garden hose, they made themselves an armoured car and busted their way out! Yeah! Every kid’s dream!

Since they’re updating the movie for 2010, the Middle East will replace Vietnam as the place where “they’re accused of a crime they didn’t commit” (the Middle East being very “in” at the moment) but it’s their cast choices that are getting me a bit worried.  I read that the person in the running for Hannibal Smith is none other than Bruce Willis, and for B.A. “I ain’t getting on no plane” Baracus?  Ice Cube!  Oh dear…..I can just feel the A-Team fans rising up in revolt now!

If you were or still are an A-Team fan, what do you think of Bruce Willis and Ice Cube taking over where George Peppard and Mr T left off  (assuming these reports are true)?  Do you think that the A-Team is the sort of programme that CAN be made into a movie without it turning into a total farce?

Here to get you into the A-Team mood is the soundtrack to the show. Nah, nah, nah….

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