Inside ThinkGeek – Exclusive Interview


By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Today we have a very special presentation for you. ThinkGeek, known far and wide for their wonderful geek gear, has been extremely secretive about their inner workings.  That is… until now.

Geeks Are Sexy was given exclusive access to the ThinkGeek headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia and sat down with John Frazier, one of the men responsible for procuring everything from lightsabers to high-tech peripherals. Enough introduction, though, enjoy the show!

This video is actually the tale end of a very long and interesting story. If you’d like to know more (like how we broke through the binary curtain), I have a few reflections and recollections on my blog. Plus, there’s a bonus lightsaber video—who can resist that?

I would like to thank John, Shane, and all the other ThinkGeek staff who put up with us as we traipsed through their office with cameras and cables.  Oh and a special shout-out to the ThinkGeek Twitter lady!  You guys are the coolest company I’ve ever visited!

Lastly, thanks to Natalia, my awesome camera person, and all the future journalists at Connect2Mason, whose equipment we used to make the film.

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