SONY Style Ad: Sweet Holiday

A box of chocolate (or in fact, any form of chocolate) is a gift that’s nearly always appreciated. With their latest commercial, Sony wants us to believe that getting a SONY style product as a present can be just as sweet as receiving candy. Do you agree?

[Via Tim Rubber (French)]


9 Responses to SONY Style Ad: Sweet Holiday

  1. If Sony would write decent software to go with their great hardware (or just not be so darn secretive and just work with "drag and drop"), I might be inclined to think so. But, no.

  2. If I saw these things happening in real life I would be freaked out. Then I would start eating. :d

    I like their message though, except it would be really taunting towards diabetics.

  3. Yea!!! i agree.. as all of us know that, "sugar" is a "sweet killer"!! Same goes 4 Sony product too. I bought my Vaio 2 years ago… i was really proud 4 this product… everyone looked @ me wid a different view. but, wanna know the current condition???

    1. Optical drive is gone

    2. Battery is gone

    3. Provided BIOS are worst bios ever made in computer history!!!!

  4. Sony laptops are a fucking joke. They come with all kinds of crap bundled software, many of which there are already free great alternatives for online.

    • Yes I realize I am commenting on my own post, but I forgot to mention that a white chocolate PSP would be pretty damn awesome. But they're laptops and music products are great except the software that comes with them is cumbersome, slow, and usually not at all necessary.

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