New Wii Drives Kid to Insanity

WARNING: Reduce speaker volume before playing

As a child, I don’t think I ever freaked out that much over a game console. After a few seconds of apparent indifference, this kid nearly succeeded in busting my eardrums when he started screaming. He almost tops the N64 kid’s performance that dates back a few years… almost, but not quite! I’ll let you judge for yourself:


5 Responses to New Wii Drives Kid to Insanity

  1. WTF kid, calm the F down. If I was anyone in either of those households I would just leave, that's a little too much for me. I can't stand screaming or loud noises.

  2. Okay. That was genuinely creepy. These Mr. Burns looks at such a young age.

    But a different thing is: where did these kids learn this behaviour? I found it just as creepy that the parents kept laughing about the situation. Going crazy over new possessions, like a Wii, is apperently perfectly normal in their household.

    Probably kids copy parents? Let's see what they do if you give them a car.

    On the other hand… lets not do that.

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