Japan Has Somehow Given Chemistry Boobs

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

[SFW- Warning] This article is work safe, but the links are probably not.

It appears that once again, the Land of the Rising Sun has taken something completely normal and made it into hot anime chicks.  This phenomenon is called “Moe” and it actually means taking inanimate objects and making them into female characters.  In this case, it sort of makes sense because it’s intended to help you learn The Periodic Table of Elements.


What better to make you remember Sodium than a sexy girl baking bread?  Ok, so maybe that one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you get the point.  Normally the elements are hard to mentally characterize, especially as you climb to the higher numbers.  Give each one a little “personality” and voila, you’ve got yourself a boobtastic mnemonic.


Magnesium here seems to have more than a little of that personality.  I guess you can remember that the element is very reactive when burned?  Anyway, each page has extra info about the elements and who discovered them.  What will they think of next?

The book, by the way, is called Genso Shuki Moete Oboeru Kagaku no Kihon, and it retails for $30 at HimeyaShop.com.

[Akiba Blog via techyum]

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