A Very Geeky Christmas! [Pics]

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Happy holidays, everyone! To help get you in a festive mood, here’s some examples of how some other geeks get into the holiday spirit.

Cubicle Tree: You don’t have to water it, or decorate, or worry about it dying… the perfect tree for an office geek!


Captain Picard Ornament: A merry Christmas? Make it so!


Nokia Tree: Apparently cell phones really do grow on trees!


Digital Snowmen: I wonder if the USB snowman makes the wallpaper snowman feel inadequate?


Desktop Christmas: It’s Christmas… it’s Mardi Gras… it’s Star Wars… I’m so confused.


Geek Wreath: A fun craft project for those spare parts.


Christmas with the Daleks: Exterminating your enemies, always a holiday favorite.


Have a Very Nerdy Christmas: Happy holidays from the shell!


Happy holidays from everyone here at [GAS]!

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