Wednesday Geeky Pics: Science Projects

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

This week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’m thinking back to my days as a geek-in-progress for this set of pictures. Remember the exciting world of the science fair? I’m pretty sure that I did more, but the two projects that I remember most clearly are: (1) when I was ten or so, I got a bunch of potted violets and watered them with different liquids (water, coke, milk, juice)–the one with coke died right away and the one with milk smelled really bad, and (2) when I was in high school, I spliced together a video with subliminal messages intending to make people want to eat a certain color of M&M (conclusion: subliminal messages–or mine, anyway–don’t work).

So take a moment to remember your school days, and let it warm your heart to see cute kids getting excited about science. As always, these pictures were all released under a Creative Commons license. Click the links for details!

Balloon inflation:


The classic baking soda volcano:


Growing crystals:




Mentos geyser:


Sugar crystallization:


Oxygen replacement:


Watering plants (Hey, this one looks familiar! Glad to see the classics never die…):