GEM Introduces the Peapod: A Zero Emission AMC Pacer?

By Will Sullivan
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The “Peapod,” by GEM (green eco mobility)—financed and designed by Chrysler—is pretty much a preposterous mashup of a Tesla Roadster and an AMC Pacer: zero-emissions electric vehicle meets mobile aquarium! As with the ill-fated Pacer of the ’70s, that vast expanse of glass looks terrific style-wise (well, I’m in a very generous mood today)—until, that is, you look through it from the inside…at the bus about to stomp you at 40 m.p.h. Split-pea soup. Still, it is undeniably cutesy, in a car-toony kinda way. With room for four (spring) peas strapped into its innovative webbed seats, this Peapod supposedly will begin rolling off…ahem…p.-lines…(sorry) sometime next year. Comments, anyone? E.g. check out the total lack of wheel wells! Bump City! Ouch!