Guitar Praise: Rock that Positive Message, Kids!

Guitar Praise

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Apparently Guitar Praise is supposed to be a big seller this holiday season. The idea makes sense in theory–basically a port of Guitar Hero with all of the music replaced with Christian rock for those who have issues with secular music–but it could have been executed so much better if it were an official Guitar Hero product, like the Aerosmith version (or for example, how Karaoke Revolution had a country music version). Instead it just comes off as a lame rip-off. Check out the commercial:

The voice-over sounds like your dorky dad reading a script that he thinks is “how all the kids are talking these days.” “You can move around the room as you rock!” “Shred those rifts!” “Soon you’ll be rockin’ with the best of them while conveying that positive Christian message!”

It just looks like an inferior product, from having to be played on a computer to the lack of character graphics. And that has nothing to do with the music… I was actually a big fan of the Newsboys back in junior high (kind of surprised they’re still around, actually!). Still, I guess if you’re a kid and your parents won’t let you play videogames because they’re all terrible influences on you, and this is the best you’re going to get, then it’s not bad.

Of course, this whole thing just makes me think of other Christian versions of games… like this amazing rip-off of Wolfenstein 3D. SUPER NOAH’S ARK 3D. Because shooting zombies and Nazis is evil, but plugging goats with a slingshot is wholesome (and apparently, educational).