Crack-Down on Viral Video False Advertising

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Here’s some proof that industry self-policing actually works. The Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division released a a statement yesterday giving Cardo Systems a very public scolding for their YouTube videos that suggested that the heat coming from cell phones could pop popcorn kernels. (The implication being, of course, that if you buy one of Cardo’s pricey Bluetooth headsets, those scary radiation-emitting phones won’t fry your brain like an egg.)

NAD’s bottom line: “In non-traditional media, to the extent that advertising claims are communicated, advertisers are required to substantiate those claims with competent and reliable scientific evidence.”

NAD takes false advertising very seriously. Captain D’s is currently in the hot seat for alleged false advertising for the statement “Captain D’s offerings are ‘like the same thing we just ate’ at Red Lobster.” Huh, I wonder what “scientific evidence” they’re going to use to prove that one false?  Still, fibbing about the tastiness of fried fish isn’t quite as reprehensible as trying to trick people suffering from diabetes.

In any case, Cardo’s videos are no longer available online.

It’s always nice to have extra protection for the gullible. After all, if you’re going to get duped by a YouTube video, it’s best that you don’t get taken for your money… though you still might get taken for a hour or two of your time if you’re particularly quick-to-trust:


2 Responses to Crack-Down on Viral Video False Advertising

  1. reminds me of the old days with pokemon and all the different supposed ways to get mew. one way was to play the entire game without ever pressing the b button. which was possible to do, just stupid. i never did it of course, but there was some crazy stuff out there…

  2. The BBB is not an authority on any subject and their comments are exactly that comments, they carry no weight. The BBB has no authority over any business.

    Nevertheless you are right. Don't get taken by the Internet Gurus that claim they can make you rich overnight! You should investigate any company you plan on doing business with.

    Todd Ash

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