Help Me Obi-Wan Blitzer! You’re My Only Hope!

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Like countless other people yesterday, I was watching the US elections on television and I was watching it on my preferred television channel, CNN.    Suddenly Wolf “best political team on television” Blitzer pulls a R2-D2 on all of us and does this :

Holy Smokes!   Are you impressed?   Holographic reporters?   Beat that Fox News!

Blitzer’s best line : “Thanks Jessica, you were a terrific hologram!” Ha! Ha! :-)

6 Responses to Help Me Obi-Wan Blitzer! You’re My Only Hope!

  1. "Mark O'Neill coming to us in hologram."

    "Good Evening"

    "Mark were are you right now?"

    "2 Floors down, surrounded by a million $1 camera setup."

    "Wow! 2 whole floors!!!"

  2. I must not be very smart because I still don't get it. Was an actual holographic image of her displayed in front of Wolf Blitzer or was her image composited onto the feed of Wolf Blitzer basically looking at nothing?

  3. What is the deal with this? It's totally fake. It's not a hologram at all. Green screens have nothing to do with hologram technology. This is complete crap.

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