Proof that Republicans are the Only Ones Still Using AOL and Dial-Up

By Stephanie Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If AOL users could decide the election, John McCain would win in a landslide. That, of course, goes against virtually every single poll that has been released in the, oh, I don’t know, entire election season – but what it does show is the fact that AOL users are overwhelmingly Republican. As you can see in the map, AOL users in swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania would hand McCain the presidency.

The reader who submitted this data to the Silicon Valley Insider commented, “Proof Republicans only use dialup.”

Thanks Shea!


4 Responses to Proof that Republicans are the Only Ones Still Using AOL and Dial-Up

  1. Yeah, I hate these things. They are never accurate and there is always some dumbass skidmark of a person who votes over and over and over again for whichever candidate just to spoil it.

    MySpace's poll was the same way and equally one sided. If you were to believe it, not a single person in the US is going to vote for McCain.

  2. A. AOL offers broadband or DSL or something else

    B. 42% of the voters in the poll voted for Obama…I don't think all of them are republicans either.

    C. You can't call a group overwhelmingly one way or another when they are within 25 points of one another.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Also you have to keep in mind, popular vote doesn't elect presidents… the electoral college does. And in this scenario it would be a huge win consider the electoral votes are 496 to 42. That's pretty much a gang-bang as far as elections go LOL

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