To Zombies From Google, re: Our Brains

by Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Good news! Google, in addition to servicing most of your Internet-related needs, is also fighting hard to save your brains. Today, their robots.txt begins with the lofty declaration:

User-agent: zombies
Disallow: /brains

That’s right: zombies are disallowed from accessing /brains today. I for one feel much safer knowing that Google is on my side.

Of course, every good war with the undead needs some background music, right? The obvious choice is “Re: Your Brains,” by geek musician Jonathan Coulton. As you may remember from our previous post about Code Monkey, he releases his songs under Creative Commons and encourages fans to make videos. I’ve seen some pretty good zombie-themed Coulton music videos, including one featuring the World of Warcraft undeads, but I think this recent addition is my new favorite though, for pure storytelling:

See? That’s what can happen to an office environment that doesn’t use Google’s services.  Happy Halloween, everyone!