“Tech For Obama” Wants to Sway Geeks Everywhere

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As more and more people identify themselves as geeks, it’s important to remember that the geek voting block is growing too.  While the economy, the healthcare system, and the wars weigh heavily upon the minds of everyone, technology issues are not completely forgotten.

A new group of Obama supporters, Tech for Obama, has been started to bring just those issues up into the forefront.  While each candidate has fairly elaborate policies about most issues, tech is one of the areas where Obama seems to have the more clearly defined positions.  In this video by Tech For Obama, they talk about how issues like bandwidth penetration and net neutrality will affect all Americans, not just geeks.

Senator Obama has made his relationship with Silicon Valley very clear by visiting directly with Google at their headquarters and laying out elaborate statements on his website.  After perusing the McCain website, the vast majority of his page on technology seems to involve broad statements about open trade and educating people about technology.  He does support increased broadband penetration and intellectual property reform (both of which are badly needed in the United States), but he does specifically oppose net neutrality.

Whichever way you vote this year, remember that as a geek your vote may not only affect the economy, but also the way in which technology is treated here and around the world.

[via Gizmodo]