Austrian student invents a “second internet”

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

A 16 year old Austrian student has invented a “second web” with the aim of raising advertising revenue and has subsequently managed to make $25,000 by selling “domains”.

Julian Zehetmayr sells “Second Internet” top level domains for $5 each and you can link to pages on the “First Web” (the main internet).    But you don’t apparently get a proper domain.  Zehetmayr describes it only as a “database entry” – his lawyers supposedly told him this was the only way to avoid being sued by the owners of the domains on the real internet.    I don’t see the difference to be honest – either you own the name or you don’t.   There’s no in between.

The “Second Web” can be accessed here.    Zehetmayr describes the Second Web as a “good advertising opportunity” where people can pick up domain names that are taken on the real internet.

A lot of people seem to agree because 5000 domains are now sold.

What do you think?   A scam or an ingenious idea?  Do you see yourself snapping up domain names on the Second Web?

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