Who’s your favourite gaming sidekick?

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

At the moment, I am hopelessly addicted to Mario Kart for the Nintendo DS so this article by the Daily Telegraph was quite interesting.   It asks who the greatest ever gaming sidekicks are and offers ten candidates.

I vote for Yoshi!

Quite often, as I am finding with Mario Kart, the sidekicks tend to eventually take over the game.   Yoshi is my favourite character in SM while Mario doesn’t even get a look-in.

Is that the same with you?  Do you have a favourite gaming sidekick?   If so, who is it?   Did they make the Daily Telegraph list?   Why do you like them?

6 Responses to Who’s your favourite gaming sidekick?

  1. Nail was awesome…such a shame Working Designs has gone under…My vote for sidekick though would be for Tails from the Sonic games.

  2. The Weighted Companion Cube is hilarious. I have to go with that one. Especially when GLADoS mentions that you incinerated your cube faster than any other test subject on record. Or maybe Cortana from Halo. Or Dom from Gears of War… Hmm…

  3. In "Tiny Toon Adventures" for NES, when you select Plucky the duck, you might discover as I did that you can run top speed towards a wall and by jumping a little, he'd hit himself *rough* against it. I was like 10 years old and I spent a whole afternoon ROFLing about it. That makes him my personal best sidekick. Yoshi rocks but I'll always remember that hilarious moment.

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