Study shows most cyberattacks are US-based

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Whenever people hear of cyberattacks and hackers, they automatically assume that these attacks come from China, Russia or another country in that area of the world.   But a study by security firm SecureWorks has shown that the vast majority of cyberattacks come from the United States with China coming a distant second.  They have also determined that most of the attacks against Georgia came from the U.S.

According to SecureWorks, there were 20.6 million attempted attacks against their clients from US-based computers in 2008.   This puts them in first place with China coming in second with 7.7 million attempts.   Russia, the place where everyone seems to think hackers, rippers, downloaders and other unsavoury types live in is way down in seventh place with a paltry 130,572 attempts!    So it looks as if Russian people are more law-abiding than previously thought, eh?

What do you think?   Do you agree that the US is probably more into the cyberattack game than other nations or would you say these results are a bit suspect?