The Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Show – Take Two!

While I thought the first ad was really disappointing, this one is pretty hilarious, even though once again, apparently pointless. But wasn’t Jerry’s original show supposed to be based around this kind of stuff, meaning nothing?

I guess that the message behind the ad must be about how Microsoft is a people company, and that their corporate philosophy is based on people, and how they connect between each others. Did you enjoy the ad? I know that this one is way better than everything Apple has ever come up with. The comments section is waiting for your critics!

13 Responses to The Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Show – Take Two!

    • I thought it was hilarious.. It's just like Seinfeld, some people love the show, others find it stupid and don't see the humor in it. It's all a matter of perspective I guess.

  1. At least the MAC ads are airable, this ad was 4.5 minutes,… sheesh. It was funny, I loved the part where they were playing the game. Bill admitting you'd never see that content, sounds all too familiar… lawl

  2. It is just boring and here's no point to it! The Apple ads are more focused and targeted with their messages whereas the Microsoft ones are just long, boring, unfunny and rambling. Seinfeld isn't funny and Bill is as funny as a kick in the balls.

    Maybe the secret Microsoft strategy is to say to people "we'll torture you with these terrible ads until you agree to use Microsoft products forever"?! That could work!

    • I liked it, but I agree they can be long and not everybody likes it. However I think the whole point of this campaign is to mock the apple ads and how sometimes saying something pointless may work out, as in the "I'm a mac, I'm a pc" ads.

  3. Much funnier than the first one. And I don't think the ads are pointless.

    They try to show that Microsoft isn't a distant and evil big firm. It was a great move to not respond directly to Apple's adds. Honestly I think that the public's perception of Microsoft will improve due to this marketing campaign.

    It's funny I think this way because I really hate Microsoft and I've been exclusively using linux for the past 5 years. It must be because I'm a Seinfeld fan.

  4. I can see how some might find it funny, but some reason i just don't find that funny at all.

    It mite be the fact that bill gates cant act for shit, and jerry really aint that funny.

    But props to microsoft for trying :|

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