Don’t Trust That iPhone Password

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Our own Mark O’Neill clued me in to this little gem.  The Register is reporting that the iPhone may not be as secure as once thought.  While the new “enterprise” features are supposedly state of the art, there is an easy hack available to bypass one of the security features in the first version of the firmware.

Some people on the MacRumors forums claim that it is possible to press the Emergency Call key and then double-tap the home key.  This will apparently give hackers access to the phone’s “favorites” section, which, in turn, can be used to enter other parts of the phone, including the browser and the email client.

For the moment, you can go into your general settings and change the “double click on home” option to “home.”  This should prevent the hack.

While this is a obviously a serious misstep for Apple, it is likely they will come out with a fix in the next firmware update.  Even so, for a device that is trying to gain credibility in the business world, little things like this certainly don’t help.

[Image via ModMyiFone]