Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

We all know that when it comes to dating, today’s men and women prefer geeks. As a reader of this site, you should be aware of this fact by now. So for all you single geeks out there waiting to go on a date, here’s a little accessory that will bring a smile to your face while ensuring that you stay sparkling clean for your future significant other.

Ok, I’m pretty sure most girls wouldn’t put this in their shower, but single male geeks will probably get a kick out of it. Made out of rubber and priced at $17.95, the nose shower gel dispenser will probably gross out most people, but not you, right?. To get a bit of gel, just squeeze the nose and watch as the viscous liquid oozes out of the right nostril. Yummy!

Oh and if you decide to bring your new conquest home after a few dates, be sure to remove this thing from your shower. You wouldn’t want to scare her / him the first time they set their feet into your den, eh?

[Product Page | Via Branchez-vous]