Paris Hilton reading a book: Could she be a geek?

It’s not just ANY book—check this out:

Paris Hilton Picture - The Sexy Geek?

First, there was that amazing video on Funny or Die, and now… this?

Yes, in this picture, Paris is reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the book used for centuries by generals and businessmen to overcome seemingly unsurpassable obstacles and dominate their enemies.

Deep down inside, could Paris Hilton be a geek? Or is her marketing agency trying to make people forget her blonde side and get some geek creds? I know that since she filmed that presidential campaign spoof a few weeks ago, the blogosphere has erupted with nothing but sympathy toward her, and people are now saying that she must not be so dumb after all. Word is that she did the whole “commercial” without cue cards… the little darling memorized those big words and delivered them with aplomb.

If you’re one of the rare person who hasn’t seen it yet, here it is, for your viewing enjoyment.

[Picture source: Flickr]

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