Better Friendfeed makes Friendfeed even better

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

For those of you who are addicted to Friendfeed (and I’m sure there’s quite a few of you), there’s a hot new Greasemonkey script in town, and once you’ve installed this one, you’ll be living permanently in Friendfeed and refusing to come out.

This little baby allows you to add custom tabs to your Friendfeed page and you can specify almost any URL you want to go inside the tabs.   I say “almost” because the URL needs to have a favicon for the tab to pop up properly – at least as far as I can see.   In the script settings, it says the favicon is optional, but so far I haven’t been able to get a tab working without one.   In the absence of a favicon, the tab collapses like a pack of cards in a hurricane.

Anyway these are the tabs I’ve got set up so far.   My own little dashboard.   I may add more later.

The main one I am using is my Google Reader.   This is proving extremely useful and productive as I am able to switch between my Google Reader subscriptions and my Friendfeed contacts in the same Firefox tab.   Then as you can see, I also have tabs for Gmail, Google search, Twitter, Google Calendar and Delicious – all sitting on the top right hand corner of the Friendfeed screen!

Having this new script has enabled me to close several Firefox tabs that I normally had open on a daily basis. It also allowed me to uninstall several other Greasemonkey scripts.    So I like how this new script has made me able to clean up my Firefox browser a bit.

If you’re a big Friendfeed and Greasemonkey user, I highly recommend you use this new Greasemonkey script.   It’s very stable and works very well.