Storm Worm virus using FBI and Facebook spam emails

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

It seems that a deadly computer virus is doing the rounds again, this time using emails containing references to the FBI and Facebook to entice people to open it up and install it.

The email subject line is “F.B.I. vs. Facebook” and the email has a link about an article allegedly about the FBI and Facebook.    But if you click on the link, what you would actually be doing is downloading the Storm Worm virus.

The FBI press release advises the usual – don’t click on links you don’t fully trust, type in the company URL yourself in the browser and so on, blah, blah.    It would be worth passing this onto anyone you know who is inclined to click on these sorts of links just in case they’re unlucky enough to get one of the emails themselves.    Otherwise you might find yourself getting called out over the weekend to fix their computer!

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