Monetize your site with Performancing Ads

My Pal Ryan from just sent me an email to tell me that the company he works for has just officially launched their new ad network named Performancing Ads. Performancing Ads is an open ad marketplace that will help you sell 125X125 ads on your site.

Here’s what you’ll get as a publisher in the PerformancingAds network:

  1. A full time ad sales representatives selling 125×125 ads for your website
  2. A high-profile marketplace where advertisers can discover your blog. Since advertisers like to advertise across numerous blogs in a particular category, you’re much more likely to get sales than on your own.
  3. Minimum 60% revenue share on the ads they sell, and 100% revenue share on the ads you sell
  4. Free traffic through their exchange ad program and exposure on big sites. Once you sign-up, create an exchange ad. For ever ad you sell or exchange ad from a different publisher you show, you’ll earn credits and have your site shown on other sites.

Performancing Ads has been running in beta for a few weeks now on GAS, and it works wonderfully. There’s not much to do to make it work. Just subscribe to the service, add the plugin to your wordpress installation, and decide where you want to insert the ad module on your site. After, the performancing team will take care of everything.

And yes, even though the service was in beta, we already made a few bucks (and got paid!) out of it!

If you’d like to sign-up for PerformancingAds and give it a shot, here’s the link.