PS3’s WipEout delayed for failing epilepsy tests

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

If you’re waiting for the Playstation 3 game WipEout then you’re going to be waiting a while longer.   It seems that the game has failed epilepsy tests due to the speed and flashing lights on the screen and will therefore have to be “re-engineered” by the developers.

There’s no word yet on how long that will even take.

I had no idea that games companies even ran “epilepsy tests”.   I am quite impressed by their thoroughness.


4 Responses to PS3’s WipEout delayed for failing epilepsy tests

  1. I'm glad that they test for this. BUT, Why don't they just put a dang Epilepsy WARNING on it! Is this some kind of law? Or are these companies doing these tests on their own? Seems to me we are being too protected by the lawmakers. Whatever happened to choice?


  2. I believe its actually the law that game makers must do this test (plus many others) to ensure that the game cannot physically harm people.

    Its one thing to put a warning on a game about violence or sex which don't physically harm someone, its totally different when the game can hurt you.

  3. this is a rumour, just because a site says something doesn't mean it's true

    do you believe everything you read? because I don't

    they have since come out with a statement saying they are adding more content to the game

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