Original Hoverboard Up For Grabs

By JR Raphael
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

This is heavy, Doc: Marty McFly’s original hoverboard from the Back to the Future series is up for grabs on eBay.

Oh, and it’ll run you at least $30,000.

Price aside, though, this would be a pretty sweet purchase. Used in both BTTF II and III, the board is one of two different styles made for the movies and is described as “the best example of all wood Hoverboards to have survived the rigors of filming.”

The other style, interestingly enough, combined wood with styrofoam — and as a result, didn’t last as long. The one up for sale, however, is said to be in “used but outstanding condition.” It’s equipped with ballbearing-mounted rear footpads that’ll let you do full 360s, just like Marty. There are also bottom-installed magnet plates and even two holes on the top — evidence of the handlebars originally on this board when Marty borrowed it from a little girl in the second flick.

The Hoverboard live auction begins August 1 at 11:00 PDT. It’s estimated to go as high as $50,000.

In related news, if anyone has $50,000 I can borrow, please contact me immediately.

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