Five Blogs Green Techies Should be Reading

Green technology is the way of the future, no doubt about it. Nothing fuels mind-boggling innovation like the possibility of the world being totally destroyed if we don’t clean up our act. So, it’s an exciting time to be a geek right now – there’s so much cool green tech out there, you can hardly keep up. That’s why blogs like EcoGeek, WorldChanging, Ecotality Life, Treehugger and EarthFirst are around – to school us in all matters of green technology. These five blogs will keep you updated on all the latest gadgets, gizmos, models and ideas that are going to change the world for the better.

EcoGeek is the ultimate green techie site, without question. If you want all the latest info about eco-friendly technology – from special buoys that harvest tidal energy to solar-electric limousines – is the best place to find it. EcoGeek, founded and run by Hank Green, believes that ‘technology can be a force for evil, or for awesome’. The symbiosis between nature and technology is the focus here, and up to 10 posts a day highlight the newest, coolest green gadgets and technology that are going to help pull us through the climate crisis and into a new, green era.

WorldChanging is an online magazine that works on the premise that the tools, models and ideas for a better future lie all around us. We just need to start using them effectively. WorldChanging aims to keep their content as positive as possible, only highlighting the green technology that actually works and is a real potential solution to an environmental problem. They focus especially on technology and ideas that haven’t been covered in the mainstream media. WorldChanging is a great place to find ruminations on topics like “Permapave and Green Infrastructure“, “The Complexity of Sharing Scientific Databases” and “Scenius, Innovation and Epicenters”. Awesomely geeky.

Ecotality Life covers green tech, green gadgets and green gizmos. Funded by renewable energy company ECOtality, this green tech blog is dedicated to teaching the public about the booming market of green investing and technology. They provide in-depth reviews of the latest green tech and analysis of the companies working to bring us a greener future. The writers are eco-entrepreneurs and budding green TV stars like Michael D’Estries and Shea Gunther, who work their contacts in the industry to bring you green tech news before anyone else has it.

Treehugger, of course, is the one eco-blog that practically everyone is already familiar with. The godfather of green blogs, Treehugger focuses on a wide variety of green topics, but their Science & Technology category makes it easy to find the tech-related news. Treehugger’s unique vision takes the one-step-at-a-time approach, easing people into the green lifestyle with an upbeat, enthusiastic attitude.

EarthFirst is relatively new to the green blogosphere, but it’s already blasting out enough snark into the universe to blow your pants off. We don’t just cover green tech (along with many other green topics), we’re on a mission to seek and destroy greenwashing companies that try to claim their product is going to help the world when it’s really a piece of junk. Greenwashers and jerkasses of the world, beware.

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